I was just a 15 year-old kid when I played accordion for seven hours on New Year’s Eve in a small-town Wisconsin tavern. My pay was $17 and all the beer I could drink. A year later I started The Dale Mathis Group. We played weddings, clubs, and community events for 30 years.


I majored in music and business at the University of Wisconsin. In addition to theory, music history, and composition classes, I took voice, guitar, string bass, tuba, baritone, trumpet, piano, pipe organ, and harpsichord. What I learned in those classes is helpful when I record backing tracks for my live performances.

Workin’ for a livin’

After college I sold organs and pianos at a store, taught students, and played with my band. I bought the business in 1978 and named it Mathis Music. The store had hundreds of students and sponsored community events where they could play for others. The store, located in West Bend, WI, had franchises with most of the major brands, including Yamaha, Fender, Hammond, Lowery, Wurlitzer, Mason & Hamlin, Chickering, and others.

Healing in Hawaii

I sold Mathis Music in 1995 and moved to Kauai. Eye doctors suggested a warm, moist climate to deal with chalazions. The condition is similar to acne that forms inside eye lids. It made my vision appear as if I was looking through waxed paper. My numbers were 20/800 and I knew I could not pass my next driver’s license eye test.

After living on Kauai for only six weeks, the chalazions, which I had had for fourteen years, cleared. I had been on eye steroids for years. The combination of Kauai’s intense sunlight and the steroids caused cataracts to grow. I came out of surgery with 20/15 vision!

I sold piano products and classical organs on all of the islands during the years we lived there.

We have grandchildren in Arizona and want to be part of their life, so now we live in Sun City. For several years I was Director of Music at a Sun City church in addition to working at a piano store.

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